Free Home Pricing & Preparation Package
Using Our Proven Listing System

An up-front, no-obligation evaluation, personalized for you! 


1. Home Valuation

We perform a complete, thorough, and honest pricing analysis
(not just a generic automated system like others use).
We take into consideration:

• The current dynamics of the market: pricing trends, inventory, timing, competition, etc.
• The specific elements and features of your home, including the impact of effective home preparation and staging (see below).
• Recent sales of similar homes nearby, and anticipated appreciation.
• Your needs, lifestyle, and personal situation. For example: Are you under a strict timeline? Do you have budgetary constraints? Are you purchasing as well? We take everything into account.



2. Home Preparation & Staging

You don't necessarily need to spend a fortune on home preparation and staging, and it doesn't need to be overwhelming or take a long time. Our approach recommends the least expensive options to best prepare your home for sale, maximizing value and minimizing stress!
This includes:


Maintenance & Renovation:

• Some prep items have more impact than others! We will advise which crucial and necessary items to address first,
and what can be deferred. 
• Qualified contractor referrals when needed.
• We will assist with any work whenever possible. We aren't afraid to pick up a paint brush!
• Free home warranty provided during the listing period
that may cover significant items that are discovered,
like plumbing, electrical, or HVAC.


• Staging plays a crucial role in purchase price, getting your home sold, and doing so in the least amount of time.
• Furniture arrangement, placement of decor, wall color, etc. - we have an eye for what makes your home show the best it can.
• Use what you you've got! We will assist in sorting through and
re-arranging, suggesting additional items as needed - we'll even help with the heavy lifting!
• Once staged to perfection, your home is ready for our complimentary professional HDR photography and 3D virtual tour!


3. Marketing Strategy

We will recommend a marketing approach specific to your home, including flyers, mailers, web and social media advertising, and more. Our marketing is tailored to your situation, designed to achieve effective results.  



Comprehensive Summary

From pricing, to preparation, to timing, and what to expect during the listing period, we will answer all of your questions, and give you all the information you need to make a
well-informed decision. 


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