Kirkland is a vibrant waterfront destination with an unparalleled blend of outdoor recreation, art, dining, and boutique shopping. Located on the shores of Lake Washington just east of Seattle, no other city in the Puget Sound region has as many waterfront parks and beaches as Kirkland.

Kirkland is home to award-winning hotels, wineries, and restaurants, and hosts a dynamic repertoire of events, spanning art openings and performances, to athletic events, wine festivals, and outdoor concerts.

Fun Facts:

• The 1982 Kirkland National Little League team won the Little League World Series.
• Juanita Bay was a favored campsite of the Natives because a wild potato, "wapatos," thrived there.
Leschi, first operated on December 27, 1913, was the original wooden ferry to transport automobiles and people between the Eastside and Madison Park until her retirement in 1950. The ferry operations ran nearly continuously for 18 hours each day. The construction of the first Lake Washington floating bridge in 1940, however, made ferry service unprofitable and eventually led to its cancellation.