Maple Valley


Located about 30 minutes east of Seattle and Tacoma, equidistant from the water of Puget Sound and the landscapes of the Cascade Mountains, Maple Valley offers an extraordinary location to enjoy all that our region has to offer.

In the center of the City there are multiple neighborhoods with tree-lined streets, community parks, and access to much of the nature that makes Maple Valley special. Many neighborhoods have access to extensive trail systems that lead to the Black Diamond Mountain Biking trail system and Lake Wilderness Park. The trail system has the potential of leading someone all the way into Downtown Seattle, and it also has multiple connections to the business community. The City of Maple Valley sits along the eastern edge of King County’s urban growth boundary, leaving Maple Valley on the edge of nature’s beauty. It is truly a wonderful and unique natural setting.

Fun Facts:

• One of the ten best cities in the US to raise a family (Family Circle magazine), and the top ten hottest suburbs in the US (CBS Moneywatch).
• Tahoma High School is rated in the top 5% of all High Schools nationwide.
• Vine Maple Valley and Maple Ridge were originally suggested as names for the city. A vote was taken by writing the names on slips of paper and placing them in a hat. Vine Maple Valley won by 2/3, but the word "Vine" was later cut by the post office because it made the name too long.